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Find links on this page to some of the things I talk about on the Jumbo podcast


Lizard Green is a premium CBD oil that delivers its benefits faster into the system and comes in four delicious flavours.


Peppermint, lemon, Berry and Lime.


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“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Jumbo Ep:92

- 29.04.20 - Author Terry Lander Plays the Jumtastic Quiz!

On this episode I chatted to author Terry Lander about how he got started writing and he plays the worlds greatest podcast quiz Jumtastic!

Here are some links to his books on Amazon:

Jumbo Episode 56

- 05.02.20 - Andrew Salter - Salters Must-Chup

On this show I had a great chat with Andrew Salter of 'Salters Must-Chup' and the story behind this exciting sauce. You can get your Must Chup at the following Amazon Links:

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